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Are you a newbie trader and wondering where to to find some online forex brokers in order to start tradings straight away with a demo account?

In order to Trade Forex (Fx) Currencies, you will first need to open an account with an online broker before you can start trading. There are many Online Fx Brokers each with their own different advantages and disadvantages.

Below is a list of  Recommended Online Fx Brokers:

Feel free to visit their respective websites to learn more about their particular offers before deciding which one is best for you and opening an account. You can literally start trading today if you so desire, but proper training is required. Luckily, I have already started you with some articles on Forex Trading, Forex Trading Hours, Forex Currency Pairs, Forex Software and Platforms and an article on Forex Training.

Etoro Forex Broker

Most Important things for a newbie to check first before registering with any broker:

  • Do they offer Demo Accounts? If not, it would be unwise to register with one. Demo accounts are essential before to train you first with Virtual Money before you start with Real Money.
  • Is this Broker registered with any Regulating Authorities? Check to see if your broker of choice is registered with the National Futures Association (NFA) or Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) if they're based in the US. If the broker is based in the United Kingdom, check with the Financial Service Authority (FSA). If the broker isn't registered with any of these or any other recognized regulating firm, then you may want to think twice before signing up with them.
  • Leverage, Less is more. We recommend that you have at least have $100,000 of Trading Capital before opening a Standard Account, $10,000 for a Mini Account, or $1,000 for a Micro Account. Of course, open an account only when you are consistently good.  If you only have $250, open a demo account and stick with it until you come up with the additional $750, then open a micro account. But this is only a recommendation. You may even open an account with as little as $25 with some brokers if you so wish. Feel free to do what feels best to you.
  • And Finally enquire to check if the broker offers services like news feeds and charts before deciding to chose them or not. A better option would be to pick two, open demo accounts with both and compare to see which feels right to you. Highly recommended.
And good luck with your choice of Forex Broker whichever you decide to choose.