Hello from London :)

Forex GuyI am a forex enthusiast and love to talk and write about forex. This Blog will primarily be about forex trading although I will also be writing about many other trading markets, systems and trading jargon.

I am from London England and currently live in Holland Park next to Notting Hill which is a great part of London and a bit quiet as London is one of the most cosmopolitan and busiest city in the world. I am proud to be a Londoner. I live with my partner and her adorable cat noodles who sounds cute but really she is a great hunter!

Trading can be tricky and difficult with many moments of despair at times. However with caution and tact, and most importantly in my view patience, you can make something of this trading lark.

Trading has its advantages most notably is flexibility of working hours. It also has its disadvantages in terms of isolation if you are primarily a home trader which a large number of people are. However as with anything in life, always look for the positives.

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I hope this blog has some information that may help you in your trading world.


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